Making Democracy Work

LWVCA Action Priorities

These are the current action priorities for the LWV of the Charleston Area. We are also focused on the LWV of SC's 2017 Legislative Priorities. Many of these action priorities stem from the League's most recent positions on issues.

Education Action Priorities

Continue support for the LWVSC positions in the Collaborative Agenda for Pre-K-12 Public Education, a statement of goals and recommendations by representatives of the major educational organizations in the State. Continue to support LWVSC positions on bringing quality education to the students in the Abbeville districts. Focus on closing the achievement gap in the Charleston area and on early childhood education and early literacy initiatives.

Natural Resources Action Priorities

Continue updates and advocacy on issues and legislative bills affecting our environment and natural resources, such as climate change, clean energy, the Conservation Bank, water quality, the Automatic Stay, etc. Build on the 2016 public forum on "Preparation and Recovery: Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in the Charleston Area."

Transportation Action Priorities

Continue focus on the issues highlighted at the Transportation Forum--transportation funding, mass transit and how our transportation decisions affect the livability of our three-county area (Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties). The Council of Governments (COG) for our three counties may also be asking for our support for decisions that affect CARTA and Tri-County Link.

Gun Safety Action Priorities

Work with LWVSC to promote gun safety legislation in the SC General Assembly. Continue to follow the activities of gun safety advocacy groups such as Gun Sense SC and Moms Demand Action. We will look for ways to partner with these groups locally to raise awareness about gun safety. Collaborate in producing an educational program on the public health aspect of gun violence. (See Health priority below).

Health Action Priorities

Continue to advocate for comprehensive sex education in the Charleston County Public Schools. Support public and private development and coordination of programs that emphasize prevention of violence. With the assistance of the gun safety committee, create an educational program about approaching gun safety reform and violence prevention as public health issues.

Criminal Justice Action Priorities

Continue focus on reform of the criminal justice system, with emphasis on the high rates of incarceration of young African-American men and the "school to prison pipeline." Examine the obstacles that hinder released prisoners as they re-enter the community.