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Berkeley County Observer Reports

LWV Observers Corps reports for Berkeley County

The League of Women Voters - Charleston Area is a non-partisan organization committed to civic awareness and education. The League collects and provides reports covering a wide range of government and community organizations as a service to its members and the public. The League nether endorses nor sanctions the organizations sponsoring the meetings nor the views of those attending. Rather, the League seeks to provide fair-minded fact-based summaries in support of expanding public knowledge and awareness, and civil discourse.


3-10-17 Berkeley County School Board Special Meeting Resignation of Superintendent Brenda Blackburn; interim appointment of Deon Jackson; approved hiring of Harding Parker to lead search and aspects of transition

2-28-17 BCSB Meeting Head Start budget approved; board has hired new forensic auditor in light of recent financial issues; update on facilities. Observer: Jane Pulling

2-14-2017 BCSB Mtg Berkeley County School Board Meeting - Strategic Plan items 1 and 2 discussed; Incumbent Audit Firm was dismissed in part due to recent concerns about district financial management.

1-10-2017 BCSB Mtg - Board has policy areas that need updates; Need to accelerate Tanner / Foster Creek attendance zone implementation; Financial audit for period ending June 30, 2016 - audit revealed a "good, healthy fund balance"; BCSD was $2.6M over budget in terms of the positive side with revenues and $1.8M under in terms of expenditures; Review of policy prohibiting parents for serving as volunteers (team coaches, etc.) - Observer: Mev McIntosh

11_15_16_BCSB_MTG - Meeting included announcement of a board legal counsel replacement. Observers: Mev McIntosh and Jane Pulling


3-27-17 Berkeley County Council Meeting included approval of items dealing with water, sewer and rail; Financial Report + County has $4.4 M in surplus; Approval of Pay increases for employees earning less than $60K; Deferred decision on those earning more than $60. Denied Royal Road Rezone proposal; approved free recycling program. + Observers: Marylou and Doc Ardrey