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Charleston County Observer Reports

Reports from Charleston County Government and Community Meetings

The League of Women Voters - Charleston Area is a non-partisan organization committed to civic awareness and education. The League collects and provides reports covering a wide range of government and community organizations as a service to its members and the public. The League nether endorses nor sanctions the organizations sponsoring the meetings nor the views of those attending. Rather, the League seeks to provide fair-minded fact-based summaries in support of expanding public knowledge and awareness, and civil discourse.


7-17-17 Charleston County Board of Elections Meeting Meeting outlined upcoming election dates and deadlines

Charleston County School Board Meetings

4-23-18 Charleston School Board of Trustees Observer: Elizabeth Niemeyer

3-26-18 Charleston School Board of Trustees Meeting Observer: Elizabeth Neimeyer

10-23-17 & 11-2-17 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting Meeting focused on location of the North Charleston Center for Advancement. Decision was to move it to the North Charleston High School. Observer: Joan Zaleski

9-25-17 Charleston County School District - Board of Trustees Meeting Meeting highlights included - Relocation of the North Charleston Center for Advanced Studies following decision to close the Garrett Academy was major topic. Proposal to move the program to the North Charleston High School was tabled for further study.

7-17-17 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting items included: Decision on high school football stadium; closure of school; discussion of 4 year olds attending K-12; 2nd reading of Board pay increases

6-26-17 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting Meeting items included: School year accomplishments; Promising forecast for FY 2017; Board Member Expense Procurement Cards not approved; Approved attendance & personnel policies in compliance with state requirements; Approval of reading of Board Member pay increases. Observer: Joan Zeleski

5-22-17 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting Major topics discussed included Superintendent's Report & Power Point presentation, accessible; Second reading of Human Resource Policy; District 3 bus lot arrangements; number awards presentations. Observer: Note report taken from Board summary and does not include summary of public comment.

4-24-17 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting Among items discussed: Budget approval; Healthy Living Curriculum; Public Financial Management Contract Extension; 2017-2022 Capital Program + Technology Replacement & Upgrade; Early College High School. Observer: Barbara Griffin via information from CCSD.

3-27-17 CCSD Meeting 3-27-18 Charleston County School District Board of Trustees Meeting - Meeting highlights included: Professional Personnel Contract Renewal Process; Textbook Adoption; Naming new middle school on James Island; Proposed FY 18 Budget - First Reading

2-27-17 CCSD Meeting Monthly meeting that, among other issues, included: concerns of public speakers re: handling of bus incident involving police and a desire to train resource offices in de-escalation tactics to reduce violence. Board action on establishment of 3 alternative locations for students in need of additional discipline rather than detention; and establishment of a 6th grade program for James Edwards Elementary. Observer: Macy Adams

1-23-17 CCSD Mtg - Concerned citizens were advised there will not be an elimination of the elementary school strings program; Concerned teachers were advised there has been no new communications policy finalized regarding their concerns about a draft policy and their 1st Amendment rights; Concerned parents of West Ashley High School voiced concern about what they believe to be inadequate security staff in the wake of increased disruptive behavior on school grounds. - Observer - Macy Adams

12-12-16 CCSD Mtg - Executive session about the superintendent's hiring authority and student transfers, an incomplete financial report, an announcement of a Strategic Plan Convocation, approval of the Ad Hoc Legislative committee's list of Board priorities, revision for streamlining governance, and appointment of special committees. Observer - Macy Adams

The 12/12/2016 meeting preparation packet for school board members here

8_17_CCSD_Prop_Gov Proposed Coherent Governance - Document distributed at special district meeting proposed changes in Charleston School District governance to include transferring some responsibilities from the Board of Trustees to the Superintendent. Proposal has not yet been vetted within the community. Observer: Sarah Johnson

8_8_16_CCSD_Mtg - Proposed early college high school; Preparations underway to prepare for public member of the Finance Committee; Potential criminal issue referred to law enforcement; Constituent District Board Presentations. Observer: Barbara Griffin

7-11-16 - Committee of the Whole Presentation by Audit and Finance Committee Chief Financial Officer Glenn Stiegman; Approved audit plan; approved re-allocation of $54,722 Capital maintenance. Observer: Barbara Griffin

Charleston City Council

10-23-18 Charleston City Council Observer: Leigh Trivette

8-21-18 Charleston City Council Observer: Leigh Trivette

7-17-18 Charleston City Council Observer: Leigh Trivette

8-15-17 Charleston City Council Meeting Major topic was James Island zoning.

5-9-17 Charleston City Council Meeting Major topic was discussion about a 6-month moratorium on high-density apartment building construction on James Island. Observers: Doris Lackey and Sandy Hojnacki.

2-28-17 Charleston City Council Meeting Meeting that, among other issues, included: two property zoning issues; approval of a Flooding Study for the Church Creek watershed in Outer West Ashley; and a Temporary Moratorium within the Church Creek/Shadowmoss watershed area. Observer: Carol Jackson

Charleston City Planning Council

3-15-17 City of Charleston Planning Commission Meeting included subdivision concept plans for Bennett's Bluff; Avenue of Oaks; Farr Street and L&M Tract. Considerable public comment regarding impact. Also discussion regarding emphasizing smaller hotels to preserve the Charleston Character. Observer: Leah Pedersen

1-18-17 Char Cty Plan Ccl Mtg - Plan for future review of the City of Charleston Century V 2010 Comprehensive Plan Update, including Sea Level Rise/Flooding/Drainage, Affordable Housing, Traffic Congestion/Transportation, Map Amendments, Final Plan Amendments. Observer: Leah Pedersen

Other Charleston Meetings and Events

6-13-17 Ideas into Action - Economic Justice Presentations from Omar Mohamed of the Charleston County Research to Action Board provided data and reports regarding environment impacts in some communities; Germaine Jenkins of Fresh Future Farm told her life story and journey to establishing the Fresh Future Farm to provide access to nutritious food for area families without access.

5-23-17 Charleston Women March Onward Meeting The report included reports from team leaders on issues; a conversation with an advocacy group representatives that supports advancing women for candidates; and organizational conversations.

5-16-17 Living Your Truth 5-17-17 + Post and Courier Article about "Living Your Truth" program hosted by Social Justice, Racial Equity Collaboration: Transforming from the Inside Out and Council, convened by The Sophia Institute. Program featured Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III and Judge Alex Sanders at the Mother Emanuel AME Church. + Introductions by LWV Member Barbara Kelley-Duncan. Observer: Barbara Griffin

5-9-17 Ideas into Action Meeting Meeting featured asset-based community action based on the premise that it is critical to get involved IN the community in order to determine and support community priorities and needs. Presentations by Metanoia and Laundry Matters. Observer + Pat Allan

"5-6-17 Close the Loop Meeting Regarding Gun Violence Prevention - Organized by the Organizing into Action South Carolina Group 5-6-17 - "Close the Loop: Confronting Gun Violence and the Charleston Loophole" meeting was held on May 6, 2017. The meeting was organized by Organizing for Action + South Carolina and hosted by the Unitarian Church of Charleston. Speakers included: Jackie Shelley (Moms Demand Action); Merrill Chapman (President, The Brady Campaign); Richard Hagerty, MD (Arm in Arm); Pastor Thomas Dixon (The Coalition--People United to Take Back our Community); Sen. Marlon Kimpson, the keynote speaker. All spoke about different aspects of Gun Violence Prevention and the importance of citizen engagement. Observer: Kristen French

4-23-17 - Central Mosque of Charleston - Open House Meeting Summary On Saturday, April 22nd Community Open House held to promote greater interfaith and community understanding. Featured speaker was Imam Eesaa Wood of North Carolina. Approximately 80 Charleston area residents from a variety of faiths and occupations attended, including Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and representatives from the Charleston police department. Observer: Barbara Griffin

4-19-17 Charleston Women March Onward Meeting Among the items discussed: An update from Eme Crawford, Director of Advocacy for WREN, including the status of working women in South Carolina; Committee reports. Observeer: Barbara Fry

Derck Black Remarks Derek W. Black, Professor at USC School of Law, spoke in Charleston on April 6, 2017, in an event sponsored by the ACLU of South Carolina in cooperation with the League of Women Voters (Charleston), the Quality Education Project, and the College of Charleston African American Studies program. Observer: Kristen French, Ph.D.

4-3-7 Ideas into Action Meeting on Refugees Meeting included presenters from USA for UNHCR; Criminal Justice; Vineyard Community Church; Lutheran Services; Goodwill; Proud Mary and private citizen with an emphasis on actions individuals and community groups can take to be of assistance. Observer: Sarah Hays

3-4-17 Charleston County Public Library - America the Possible Meeting featured the views of Gus Speth and Al George regarding climate change with emphasis on the impact on the Charleston area. Observer: Kirsten Abrahamson

2-25-17 Are You Ready to Go Rev 2-25-17 Featured speaker Doug Rice provided information on pre-end-of-life decisions and actions for attendees to consider.

2-17-17 Ideas into Action Presentation about the League and Legislative update by Shayna Howell and Sarah Johnson. Observer: Barbara Griffin

2-2-17 The Status of Black Education in Charleston and America - The meeting was hosted by South CarolinaCAN and moderated by Kevin Johnson (former 3-time Mayor of Sacramento, CA and former NBA 3-time all star. Panelists Tim King, Michele Rhee, Eric Mahmoud, Pastor Michael Phillips and George Parker and Keynote Speaker Roland Martin outlined the status of academic performance of African-American students in Charleston and across the nation. They also described some models and ideas they believed would help improve performance and outcomes. Observer: Barbara Griffin

9_6_16_Chrs_Cnty_Leg_Del_ED_COM The Charleston County Legislative Delegation Education Committee met. Highlights included: New emphasis on individualized student focus; opposition to expansion of Charter Schools; less focus on choice; better teacher training and introduction to the classroom. Observer: Sarah Johnson

Folly Beach

7-11-17 Folly Beach City Council Meeting Meeting included: Mayor's update on $1.5M funding obtained for goin rebuild for beach; First National Night Out on 8-17-17; Slow Down Saturday on 7-29-17; Property report pending; Other: Work being done at Wave Watch, 9th Street Walkway & Bark Park; 1st reading regarding golf carts & slow-moving vehicles

6-13-17 Folly Beach City Council Meeting Meeting highlights included: Chief of Police resignation announced; Various festivals & activities announced; land parcel of Nature Conservancy withdrawn as land was sold; discussion of signs encouraging drivers to slow down; vote to support James Island development. Observer + Donna Englander-Factor

6-13-17 Folly Beach City Council Agenda

3-14-17 Folly Beach City Council Meeting Included approval of special events list and hourly parking for Arctic Avenue; denial of Farmers Market to change dates; to reschedule the Annual Sea and Sand Festival; or change to roll-cart trash system. Observer Donna Englander

Town of Mount Pleasant

3-10-17 Mount Pleasant Economic Development Committee Meeting A group of presentations included: Gary Breit, CLP, of the City of Charleston Technology Business Development Initiative with a focus on start-ups; Perrin Lawson, Deputy Director of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau outlining plans regarding: travel rental property, workforce development and hotel constructions; and Tampa Economic Development outreach.

3-10-17 Mt Pleasant Finance Committee Meeting Among items discussed: Lucy Beckham High School football stadium; Budget items, including: Medical Director for Fire Department; Development Impact Fees to be raised; Kenny Seamon Pocket Park; and Coleman Revitalization Bid.

Charleston County Council

3-27-18 Charleston County Council Observer: Kristen French

Notice of Public Hearing on January 23 2018 Hearing to be held regarding installment payments of taxable real property within Charleston County. Observer - Kristen French

1-18-18 Charleston County Council Meeting Highlights include: Election of County Council Chair and Vice-Chair; Zoning requests; as well as updates on Mass Transit, Greenbelt, & Alternative Work Plan. Observer - Kristen French

11-14-17 Charleston County Council Public Hearings & Meeting Highlights include: Discussion of Pinewood Drive; Anna Johnson released information and copy of the State of Racial Disparities in Charleston SC from 2000 to 2015. Observer: Kristen French

Charleston County - Volunteer Opportunities for County Boards and Commissions Listing of current vacancies for Charleston County appointments Observer: Kristen French

11-2-17 Charleston County Council & Committee Meetings Highlights: Approval of Hunt Club Designation; Lonnie Hamilton Day; Contract for CTC turn lanes for Emergency Management Center; Sheriff's Office helicopter purchase approval; Funding for Chicora Settlement Fund; Four Zoning discussions. Observer: Kristen French

10-19-17 Charleston County Council Committee Meetings Observer - Kristen French Highlights included discussion regarding temporary trash debris disposal; purchase of helicopter(s) for emergency coastal response

10-5-17 Charleston County Council Committee Meeting Meeting Highlights include: Discussion of disposal of storm debris. Property use issue. Approval of two financial incentive packages

10-10-17 Charleston County Agenda