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Dorchester County Observer Reports

LWV Observers Corps reports for Dorchester County

The League of Women Voters - Charleston Area is a non-partisan organization committed to civic awareness and education. The League collects and provides reports covering a wide range of government and community organizations as a service to its members and the public. The League nether endorses nor sanctions the organizations sponsoring the meetings nor the views of those attending. Rather, the League seeks to provide fair-minded fact-based summaries in support of expanding public knowledge and awareness, and civil discourse.

8-28-17 Dorchester School District Two Board Meeting Meeting Highlights included discussion of new school year start with over 26,300 students expected to grow to 30,000 next year. A report from members who attend the SCSBA School Law Conference included that parents could not withdraw their children from participation in assessment testing; and there was discussion of INS involvement with schools but not final information was provided.

8-17-17 Dorchester Board of Elections & Registration Meeting Meeting hightlights included discussion regarding logistrics of upcoming municipal elections and ways to promote the elections & support voter awareness.

8-14-17 Dorchester School District Two Board Meeting Meeting included presentation by Superintendent regarding plans, goals and vision. Also discussion of construction project.

7-13-17 Summerville Township Council Meeting Meeting Highlights included: Public comments re: zoning; concerns mailed to residents; city services. Other issues: Solar subscriptions; transfer of Brown Family Park. Considerable interest in a zone code change which failed to pass on second reading. Observers: Jan Lewis and Vicki Westberg

5-9-17 Dorchester County School District 4 Special Budget Meeting Highlights included: Presentation of upcoming public meetings regarding proposed budget as well as presentation to the City Council

4-17 Dorchester County Board of Elections Meeting Minutes

4-25-17 Dorchester County School District #4 Regular Board Meeting Highlights included: Approval of out-of-state field trips; Staff development and curriculum approval; policies approved. Observer: None + taken from Board minutes

4-25-17 Dorchester County School District #4 Special Meeting No action taken beyond Executive Session to review legal issue. Observer: None + taken from Board minutes

3-13-17 Dorchester School District 2 Board Meeting Included Adoption of 2017/18 school calendar; Determination regarding Hurricane Matthew make-up days; and construction report. No public comment offered. Observer + Jan Lewis

4-13-17 + Summerville Town Council Meeting + Among items discussed: Holocaust remembrance; Approval of committee reports; Public Concern voiced regarding HUD grant and what speaker viewed as HUD over-reach. Observer: Jan Lewis

3-9-17 Summerville Town Council Meeting Included approval of reports; new members of Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee; funding for architectural design of new National Guard Armory; Opposition to H650 business license tax; Upcoming Strategic Planning Meeting; Numerous public comments; and call for civility. Observer + Jan Lewis