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Voting in local and SC elections

Dates for elections in 2019 will soon be announced. You may vote in person at your polling location from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. For all elections you may also vote absentee by mail For general (larger, typically statewide) you may also participate in in-person absentee voting at several locations across the tricounty area before the election for any of these 16 reasons.

If you have additional questions, you may contact your Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester Board of Elections and Voter Registration office

Election Day Hotline: Problems? Questions?

Confirm you registration online from the State Election Commission.

Voting Questions

Register to vote, update registration, and answer many questions about voting by using the following sites:

1. Visit the Vote411 website. In addition to providing polling place information and a personalized ballot, you can also find information on the candidates that will be on your ballot.

2. Go to the SC government's website for voters. Look under the menu heading Voters to learn how to register in person, online, or by mail; how to check or update your registration, vote in person or by absentee.

3. Download the LWVSC brochure Save all Votes. Or get the Spanish version: Salvemos Todos Los Votos. Either version of this handy guide to elections in SC can be reproduced at no cost. Print two-sided and fold lengthwise.

4. The following links cover most special cases for SC voting:

The required SC Voter ID

Updating your name or address

Voter Registration in SC for College Students

16 Reasons you can give to vote absentee by mail or in person

Voting over 65

Voting with disabilities

Voting as ex-offender

Voting without a permanent residence

General resources for Voting Choosing among candidates