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Election Central for Voters

Our election website provides a personalized ballot, a polling place locator, and candidate profiles and responses to election issue questions. Nonpartisan, reliable information is supplied by the League of Women Voters, candidates, and the South Carolina State Election Commission.

Voting in Local and SC elections

Our 2019 Election Calendar is now online, and shows a list of all tricounty city and county elections on November 5, 2019. You may vote in person at your polling location from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Online voter registration is now available! You can register to vote, or update your registration, on You must do this by October 5, 2019 to be able to vote in the November election.

If you have additional questions, or are having difficulties on Election Day, you may contact the Board of Elections and Voter Registration in your county: Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester.

Voting Under Special Circumstances

Many voters have questions about specific circumstances:

In South Carolina you can vote absentee by mail for a variety of reasons, including an employment or vacation conflict, living or serving overseas, a physical disability, or being over 65. You must apply for an absentee ballot to vote by mail. For statewide elections, you may also participate in in-person absentee voting at several locations across the tricounty area before the election.

You must have a SC Voter ID to vote in SC. If you do not have one you may obtain a free Photo ID from your county voter registration and elections office or your local DMV office.

Have you moved or had a name change? You can Update your name or address on You will need to update your information through the DMV first.

Are you in college in South Carolina? Voter Registration for College Students

Are you a voter over the age of 65? Chances are you are a long-time, committed voter. Here is some information for senior voters.

Are you a voter with disabilities? South Carolina offers special accommodations, including curbside voting at all polling locations. The SC Election Commission offers information for voters with disabilities.

Are you an ex-offender? South Carolina residents who have completely served their sentences, including probation or parole, can register to vote. To register, submit a new voter registration application to your county voter registration office.

Do you want to vote but don't have a permanent address? If you are currently without a permanent address, you can register to vote with assistance from a public or non-profit agency. Your voter registration card will be mailed directly to the agency and on Election Day, you will vote a provisional ballot at your polling location; no further action is required. If you are working on behalf of someone without a permanent address, see Procedures for Registering Individuals Without A Permanent Residence.

The League provides a brochure that addresses many of these special circumstances. You can download Save all Votes. Or get the Spanish version: Salvemos Todos Los Votos. Either version of this handy guide to elections in SC can be reproduced at no cost. Print two-sided and fold lengthwise.