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You may obtain your sample ballot to be prepared for the exact races you will be voting on in the voting booth. This page will also find your polling location and check your registration status.

Or you may view Candidate listings by county, office, party or name

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LWV Opposes 2016 Sales Tax Referendum

Although members agreed on the need for additional funding for public transportation and green space, the League has strong concerns about many aspects of the proposed ordinance. We offer our detailed explanation on why the Charleston League of Women Voters opposes the 2016 Sales Tax Referendum

Absentee Voting

There are many reasons why you may want or need to vote absentee. If needed, you may vote Absentee by Mail. This year, Charleston County also has in-person absentee voting at three sites across the county. These absentee voting sites allow you to vote early if you are not able to make it to the polls on election day.

Visit Candidate Websites And Listen to Their Viewpoints

  • Ballotpedia - comprehensive website that includes information about candidates, district news, policy issues in the races, and much more. National, Statewide, and Local races are covered.
  • Politics1 -



Berkeley County Candidates:
All Candidates - candidate listings with links to their websites and district maps
Berkeley School Board Candidates - Short introductions from the Post and Courier on each of the 8 candidates running for 4 seats on Berkeley School Board

Charleston County: Candidate Listings - with links to their websites + information on the tax referendum
Charleston County School Board Election - includes interviews with the candidates, links to their websites, and information on the CCSD

Dorchester County Candidates:
All Candidates - with links to their websites
Dorchester School Board Candidates - Short introductions from the Post and Courier on each of the 6 candidates vying for 3 seats on Dorchester District 2 School Board


As the election nears, we expect that the following news sites will expand their election coverage to include interviews with candidates or guides: SCETV WCBD News 2 ABC News 4 Live5News

Local YouTube host Quintin Washington has also done interviews with many candidates as part of his Quintin's Close-Ups web show. To date, the interviews include Congressional candidates, school board candidates, and more

Choosing National Candidates

US_Capitol It is important to vote for the candidates with whom you agree on issues. These sites will help you make that determination for federal offices.

Vote411 - Get your personalized ballot for the federal elections; some candidates have posted responses to issue questions posed by the LWVUS

VoteSmart - Voters can look at an array of issues from the economy to the environment to social security and see how presidential and congressional candidates feel about the issues -- there are also small explainers on the pros and cons of each given policy stance

On the Issues - includes a quiz that can help you see which candidate you most closely align with, current polls, and more

InsideGov - includes information on presidential candidates and also political action committees and their spending

Every_Vote_Counts_Button Your opinion matters and websites like,, and Balanced will help in reviewing national issues and learning about the topic of interest from different respected and non-partisan points of view. It may also help us as citizens find common ground and seek solutions to policy issues that are not so black and white.

You can stay up-to-date on national election news and activity on My Time To Vote. App available for download.

Find out What is Happening in SC Government

Ballot Measures and Explanations

Summerville Referendum - On whether the Town of Summerville should change its form of government from Council Form to Mayor-Council FormGo_Vote

Charleston County Bond Referendums

Read More About Charleston's bond referendum...

Post and Courier on the referendum

Center for Transportation Excellence

Dorchester County Bond Referendum - Seeks voter approval to issue up to 43,000,000 in general obligation bonds, primarily to fund library facilities but also for parks and recreational facilities and trails

Read More About Dorchester's Referendum...

Dorchester Library Reports - Includes a library facilities assessment report and a Dorchester Library fact sheet

What do these local elected officials do?

Photo ID Required to Vote

At the polls, you will be asked to show one of the following Photo IDs:

S.C. Driver's License
ID Card issued by S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles
S.C. Voter Registration Card with Photo
Federal Military ID
U.S. Passport
Where to Get a Photo ID if You Need One

Advice on Researching and Judging Candidates

Even though there is so much information on this page and on the internet, (or maybe because of this??!) you may be having a hard time choosing the candidate who will best represent you. See our advice on How to Judge a Candidate and How to Choose a School Board Candidate.

Additional advice from LWVUS: Learn how to get the most out of a candidate forum

The League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area welcomes the opportunity to work with community organizations in presenting candidate forums open to the general public. If your organization is interested in offering a forum in 2016, please contact us about a partnership. To maintain the integrity of our candidate forums, we adhere to a strict candidate forum policy.