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Renewing the Grid: The Future of Solar and Wind Power in SC


Renewing the Grid

On April 10, the LWVCA hosted a public forum to address the following questions:

> Why does South Carolina lag behind the other states in developing solar and wind power?

> What are the technical, economic, legal, and environmental barriers to harnessing our solar and wind power?

> How best can SC manage the transition from a centralized, utility-owned grid to one which encompasses both utility-owned and alternative sources?

> How great is the potential for SC economic growth and job development through the solar and wind energy sector?

Panel Presentations and Action Items

- Dr. Nikolaos Rigas, Senior Scientist and Director, Clemson University Wind Turbine Testing Facility;
Powerpoint: Promises & Challenges of Harnessing Wind Power in SC
- Hamilton Davis, Energy and Climate Director, Coastal Conservation League;
Powerpoint: Addressing Barriers to Clean Energy in SC
- Robert E. Long, General Manager of Resource Planning, SCANA; and
Powerpoint: Transformation of the Power System
- Thomas J. French, Executive Director, SC Clean Energy Business Alliance
Powerpoint: Fueling Innovation and Job Creation

2011 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries Census

Take Action!

Over a hundred members of the community came to hear the panelists' presentations and discuss the potential integration of solar and wind energy into South Carolina's current system. Many were hopeful that we could make progress towards using more renewable energy, and some panelists stressed that legislation is needed to provide a clear policy direction that incentivizes renewable energy use. Many states (including our neighbors Georgia and Florida) are already enjoying economic success stemming from adoption of solar and wind energies.

Take Action!!! What can you do to advocate for progress on this issue?

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