Making Democracy Work

Issue Reporters

Issue reporters will monitor printed news articles on a subject they are interested in and that the League has a position on (such as transportation, or climate change, or public education in SC) for items of immediate interest to League members and the public.

This will be part of an effort to provide timely and informative news articles that educate citizens about issues affecting the Charleston Area and SC as a whole. If you are interested, please contact Shayna Howell, LWVCA Communications Director.

Along with the link to the news article, the issue reporter should send along a 1-2 sentence summary of the article as the content of the social media or website post that will accompany the link.


  • Articles should come from reputable news sources and be screened for accuracy.
  • Highly partisan articles should not be used, although political articles are fine in general, and summaries may include mention of current legislation, if applicable.
  • Articles may come from news sources at the local, state, or national level, but should be directly relevant to SC.
  • Summaries should be short and compelling and ready to be posted "as is."
  • Issue Reporters will be part of the Communications Team, but may also be in touch with a corresponding board director for the issue they are reporting on (for instance, Climate Change reporters may want to copy our Natural Resources director when sending articles to our Communications Director). The Communications Director will be in charge of making this initial connection.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of articles, although 1 a week is a good goal.