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The League of Women Voters - Charleston Area is a non-partisan organization committed to civic awareness and education. The League collects and provides reports covering a wide range of government and community organizations as a service to its members and the public. The League nether endorses nor sanctions the organizations sponsoring the meetings nor the views of those attending. Rather, the League seeks to provide fair-minded fact-based summaries in support of expanding public knowledge and awareness, and civil discourse.


2-15-2017 US_Congressman Mark Sanford Telephonic Town Hall Mtg Congressman Sanford answered questions ranging from his proposed health care plan to presidential veracity to the merger of two large companies impacting farmers and seed.

National Organizations

2-11-2017 Indivisible Mtg A summary of information, largely organizational, provided during an Indivisible meeting in Mount Pleasant, SC on 2-11-17.

National Gun Violence Prevention Organization

11-6-17 League of Women Voters - Gun Violence Prevention Coalition - Conference Call Monthly Conference call focused on proposed legislation relating to background checks and "bump stock" availability; update on Texas Shooting; Discussion of study relating to factors associated with gun violence: mental illness; domestic violence & suicide attempts. Observer: Kristen French

7-11-17 LWV + Gun Violence Prevention Monthly Conference Call <files/7-13-17_LWV_Gun_Violence_Conference_Call_-_Donohue_Report.pdf> Attachments from Guest Speaker John Donahue regarding Open Carry gun research. Observer: Shared by Florida LWV Leader + Patricia M. Brighman

4-6-17 National Monthly gun Violence Prevention Coalition Call Topics discussed included: Judge Gorsuch; Conceled Carry; Hate Crimes; Natonal Rifle Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA: State and Federal Legislative Updates; and coming events Observer: Barbara Griffin

3-1-17 National Monthly Gun Violence Prevention Coalition Call Monthly call with reports regarding national, congressional, state and local activities associated with gun violence prevention and related issues. Observer: Barbara Griffin

2-22-17 Weekly National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition Call This weekly call provided time for callers to share updates from the various organizations and states participating. Additionally, proposed action plans were discussed. Observer - Barbara Griffin

2_6_17_LWV_Ntl-Gun_Viol_Prev_Call - LWV National Gun Violence Prevention Call - sponsored by the League and American Progress - Greg Waples with American Progress provided update on bills filed associated with guns and Social Security recipients who have been found mentally incompetent; gun silencers and concealed carry. Adam Skaggs, Litigation Director, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence provided update on the Supreme Count nominee. Observer: Barbara Griffin

2-2-17 National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition Call - The National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition sponsored by American Progress meeting included: discussion about Supreme Court nominee; gun violence as a public health issue; impact of gun trafficking from US to Mexico. Observer: Barbara Griffin

1-4-17 National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition Call - The National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition, sponsored by American Progress meeting included: information on Jeff Sessions nomination for Attorney General; Women's March on Washington; and other information. Observer: Barbara Griffin

1-4-17 - Congressional Gun Violence Violence Taskforce - Chairman Congressman Mike Thompson - Taskforce provided link to a Congressional district-by-district summary of gun violence data at