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Particulars for Registering Those over Age Sixty-Five to Vote

Chances are that anyone over the age of sixty-five is a committed long-time voter. This adds to the importance of making certain they submit a new voter registration form if moved to a new county, update address if moved within the county, or requested absentee ballot if the preferred means of voting.

To assist with online voter registration and absentee ballot request:

To assist with completing paper voter registration forms:

  • For anyone unable or who would rather not register to vote online, have them complete the paper form and be sure it is mailed promptly to the county Board of Elections and Voter Registration listed on the back of the form. This mail-in voter registration form is available to download and print online.

  • Allowing time for mailing and processing, check here to make certain the person has been registered. If not, check with the county BEVR to ensure that the form was received, or if possibly the writing was illegible or information missing.

  • Again, once registered, absentee applications are available online (then can be downloaded, mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to the appropriate county BEVR) or by telephone. Note if by telephone, the absentee application (same as the one found online) is mailed to the voter for completion, which must then be returned to the BEVR before an absentee ballot is mailed.

To advise on voting procedures:

  • Anyone over the age of sixty-five is exempt from the HAVA requirements (listed in the gray box on the voter registration form). This means that they do not need to provide a photo ID, utility bill, bank statement, etc. as long as they vote absentee by mail.

  • Anyone who votes in person on Election Day must show one of the required photo IDs in order to cast the ballot on a voting machine:

    - SC Driver's License (current)
    - SC Department of Motor Vehicles ID Card (current)
    - SC Voter Registration Card with Photo
    - Federal Military ID
    - US Passport

  • Note: if using a current SC DMV ID when voting in person, the address does not need to match the address on the voter registration card. Also of note: a passport does not have an address.

  • Anyone over the age of sixty-five who votes in person and does not have one of the required photo IDs will be offered a provisional (paper) ballot to complete. Reason for not having one of the required photo IDs must be stated when submitting the provisional ballot. No further follow up on the part of the individual will be required and the vote will count.

PLEASE NOTE: Any agency, residential housing provider, etc. may offer to assist with voter registration as well as obtaining an absentee ballot. It is very important that assistance in completing a ballot only be provided if and when the voter requests help.