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School to Prison Pipeline Forum

School to Prison Pipeline Forum - September, 2014

Handouts and Power Point from the Forum

What's going on?

Across America, the schoolyard massacre of children by their classmates has led to "zero tolerance" disciplinary policies and the incorporation of School Resource Officers in our schools. But a growing body of research shows that the effect of this new discipline has cast a much wider net than originally intended. This net has trapped a disproportionate number of minority children in the criminal justice system. Many times their offenses are youthful indiscretions that had been previously handled in the principal's office. The result is often devastating to the child, their family and to the community.

Moderator & Panel Members

Moderator: Professor Heath Hoffmann, College of Charleston

Panel members: Hon. Marlon E. Kimpson, SC State Senator
Hon. Daniel E. Martin, Jr., Family Court Judge
Susan Dunn, Esq., South Carolina ACLU Legal Director
Lieutenant Kathleen Love, North Charleston Police Department
Principal Eleanor Harvey, Gregg Mathis Charter High School