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The League of Women Voters - Charleston Area is a non-partisan organization committed to civic awareness and education. The League collects and provides reports covering a wide range of government and community organizations as a service to its members and the public. The League nether endorses nor sanctions the organizations sponsoring the meetings nor the views of those attending. Rather, the League seeks to provide fair-minded fact-based summaries in support of expanding public knowledge and awareness, and civil discourse.

2-27-17 SC State of Women Summit A series of speakers covering a variety of topics ranging from women running for political office to ethics and dark money; advocacy to women issues all summarized in a bulleted narrative. Observer + Kirsten Abrahamson

1-28-17 LWVSC Education and Advocacy Day Statewide League of Women Voters meeting in Columbia to discuss advocacy. Speakers included: Patrick Dennis and Lynn Teague. Shayna Howell served as a facilitator to explore how local League chapters might expand advocacy and community connections. Observer: Macy Adams and Barbara Griffin