Making Democracy Work

Tri-County Area Reports

Reports that involve Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties together.

3-9-20 SC Conservation Coalition Observer: Olivia Ferber

1-29-19 Lowcountry Rapid Transit Community Workshop COG workshop to inform citizens about the Lowcountry Rapid Transit Project and to solicit specific input from community members

10-2017 Council of Governments - Rapid Transit Plan The initial release of the overview of the COG Rapid Transit Plan for Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester counties is provided

5-21-17 League of Women Voters - Charleston Area - Featured Speaker 5-21-17 League of Women Voters - Charleston Area - Annual Meeting - In addition to the League's annual business meeting, Terry Johnson, Ph.D. spoke. Dr. Peterson is the former chief education advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education. He is the Director of the After School and Community Learning Network; Chairperson of the Board for the After School Alliance; and Senior Fellow for Policy and Partnerships at the College of Charleston. He spoke about a variety of issues impacting education in S.C. A copy of his Power Point presentation is posted. Provided by Shayna Howell

3-27-17 Council of Governments for Berkeley Charleston & Dorchester counties - Transportation Meeting Charleston Area Transportation Study Policy Committee Meeting + Key meeting actions and information: CHATS resolved to support state gas tax; and in the State Transportation Update it was announced South Carolina leads the nation in road fatalities primarily due to deferred road maintenance. Observer: Sharon Stilwell