Making Democracy Work

Our Board


All members are welcome (indeed encouraged!) to attend the LWVCA board meetings. Check our calendar for dates, time and place.


President Melinda Hamilton (term ends 5/2019)
Co-President Barbara Griffin (term ends 5/2019)
Administrative Vice President Nancy Finch (term ends 5/2018)
Community Relations Vice President Lori Glenn (term ends 5/2018)
Issues & Action Vice President Sara Johnson (term ends 5/2019)
Treasurer Connie Dittrich (term ends 5/2018)
Secretary Marie Vandivort (term ends 5/2019)

Elected Directors (2-year terms)

Voters Service Open
Citizen Education Barbara Zia (term ends 2019)
Education Nancy Larsen (term ends 5/2018)
Membership Doris Lackey (term ends 5/2019)
Natural Resources Christe McCoy (term ends 5/2018)
Public Relations Shayna Howell (term ends 5/2018)
Health Policy Sandee Jackson (term ends 5/2019)
Criminal Justice Joyce Perocchi (term ends 5/2017)

Appointed Directors (1-year terms)

Off-board Directors (1-year terms)

Web Technology Nancy Moore (term ends 5/2018)
Historian Open
Resource Development Donna Englander Factor (term ends 5/2018)